Buki is a kind of wind instrument that represents a long brass pipe. It originally comes from the north-west part of Georgia, the region of Svaneti. Inside the funnel-shaped part of pipe, up to first part it is inserted wooden stem, (trunk), and in the second part of pipe it is inserted copper trunk. Length of the instrument is 1270мм, diameter of a funnel 220мм, and diameter of a blowing place is 28мм.

Mostly, Buki was played in military campaigns. I.e. it was used in military operations and served as the signaling tool. During playing Buki the player raises it and greatly blows into it. On the power of blowing depends the sound of Buki. Because of that the player had to stand hills. Buki produces a very deafening sound and it was played for this reason. By this sound the soldiers were informing everybody about the beginnings of military actions, if the enemy came nearer or the armies had to prepare for approach. Already in XII century this tool belonged the group of military tools.

Buki Samples