Diplipito is a widespread percussion instrument all over Georgia. It represents a couple of small cone-shaped clay pots(1) and one of the clay pots is smaller than the other. Pots are same height, but are different width, which are covered with calf leather (2) or bull bladder. Pots are tied together by a cord (3). Height of jars are 200-250mm, diameters of jars are different - 90mm and 170mm.

The pots produce sounds of different timbre. Diplipito is played with two small sticks (4) called “Goat Legs”. The instrument is used to provide rhythms for vocal music and dance music. It is often combined with instruments such as Duduki, Buzika Panduri and Salamuri. The diplipito is generally played by men, and plays an important role in Georgian folk ensembles.

Diplipito Samples