Doli is a widespread percussion instrument all over Georgia. It is particularly widespread in the plains region of Georgia. It represents a small wooden cylinder (1), both sides of which are covered with leather (2). The leather is stretched with straps, which are threaded into the iron circles(3). Doli’s body is made of wood; they give the form of cylinder to it and stretch the leather on it. The Doli’s height and diameter of sound producing surface are about 3 to 1.

The doli is an instrument traditionally played by men. When playing doli is held under the player’s left armpit or hung over the shoulder. Doli player plays the instrument in a sitting position or dances during performance. In order to achieve forte (a stronger, louder tone) the drummer will strike the head in the middle. When he wants to achieve piano (a softer tone), the drummer will play the edges of the doli. While dancing doli creates the rhythm of a dance. Sometimes the "Medole", the man playing the doli, is involved in dancing. Usually Doli is accompanying with Chonguri, Chiboni, Garmoni and Duduki.

Doli Samples