Duduki is a Georgian national wind musical instrument. It consists of a pipe (1) and a reed (2) – “Kamish”. The pipe is cut mainly from apricot-tree, mulberry and box trees. It has 8 front keys on the upper side and one key on the lower side. The pipe is 36cm long. Internal diameter is 10mm. Duduki’s reed is designed separately and inserted into the pipe. The Duduki has a diatonic scale. When partly closing the keys we get chromatic sounds.
Duduki produces soft and sweet sounds. It is used to perform solo melodies, but is also combined with other instruments. Usually, it is played in a small ensemble with the other two Dudukis and a Doli (drum). One Duduki performs the melody and the other two Dudukis resemble the melody in a suppressed deep voice. Duduki repertoire is very rich: it consists of songs, comic verses, lyrical and dance melodies.

Tuning of the duduki:

Duduki Samples