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“The grave of a little shepherd”
Salamuri was an inseparatable close friend of a farmer that cheered him up in times of sorrow and sweetened his merriments. According to people’s belief, nothing can destroy a reed pipe; even the fire cannot damage the instrument. The parents’ faces are reflected from its ashes and even the broken small piecies emit sweet tunes.

According to the folk story, lost child can be found with the help of Salamuri’s voice. As the legend says, the people were gifted with this instrument by the God. Therefore it is considered to be the celestial instrument. Many stories tell us that the man created this instrument similar to the instrument of Miraculous Archangels. That is why it is considered to be a divine musical instrument.

Georgian people, when creating each musical instrument tried resemble the nature’s sounds with them. For instance, Salamuri’s tunes sounds like birds’ song. According to the legends, Salamuri’s tunes cheered people up, tamed animals, made birds sung, it’s sad tunes relieved human sorrows. Salamuri’s sad tunes could even make the grass cry.

Nowadays it has the stable place in the Georgian folk instrumental ensemble. It traveled almost whole the world among with the Georgian temper dances and charmed many people with the original sounding.

There is interesting poem written by famous Georgian writer Akaki Tsereteli in 1886:

Once I heard, Cane reed grown up on the Orphans grave,
And he was looking to sky threatened with his head
To bring our country’s cruel event and complains,
But at that time Devil soul collide as strong wind,
The wind bended the reed opposite directions (from one side to another)
And dig out up by the roots.
Than little shepherd found that cane reed fallen,
He took his knife and carved a small Salamuri,
Since sadness was approaching shepherd,
He tooks Salamuri and blows in it, gives his Soul to it,
To experience the pleasure of nature, mountain and plain space
To let him cry and moan…
This might be sound of evoked memories.
There is written story of Melancholy both sky and land.




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