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We are glad for your visit on our modest web site. Hope, we have created very interesting resource for lovers of Georgan folk and instruments, hope you will be our permanent visitor. Our organizational team will take care of renewing and improving site with the information.

Great deal of work was contributed by the member of org-team Roland Bregvadze, He provided and processed important matterial and asissted in creation of Russian and English versions of the site.

We have many ideas for further perfecting site, what will make it more interesting. It is worth to note that this site is not created for commercial purposes, but our main goal is to present the oldest cultural wealth of Georgian Nation to the wide society.

We express our sincere gratitude to the director of State Museum of Folk Instruments Mr. Revaz Kotrikadze, to Mr. David Kiknavelidze, director of Museum of Fine Arts, Mr. Maizer Gazdeliani master and craftsman of folk instruments, special thanks for the sincer coopertaion to the “Ensemble ADILA”.

Great contribution and help was made by Kako Lashkarashvili (Tbilisi), who is the great master of Folk Insruments.

Special thanks to Mr. Levan Iremadze (Zugdidi), the great master of Folk Insruments, who always assited us with consultations regarding the instruments.

The given matterial is collected by the authors on basis of scientific and historical literature. The matterial is original, certain part of processed information is taken from masters and craftsmen of folk instruments. We have used following literature: D. Arakishvili - “Description of Georgian Folk Instruments”; M. Shilakadze – “Georgian Folk instruments and music”; A. Alavidze – “Georgian and spread instruments in Georgia”; I. Djavakhishvili – “Georgian Folk song etc.”















Please note: in case of using given matterials please indicate the source - www.hangebi.ge

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