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The history of the site of musical instruments was created due to the great necessity, as there was no site of the Georgian musical instruments by 2001; it was rather hard to get access to the photos and video materials of the instruments. Not only the necessity directed us to create this site, but the great love we feel towards Georgian folklore. These factors were main reasons for us to create the site where there would be information about traditions connected with instruments, ways of manufacturing, how to play and use musical instruments.

The site will help you to get information about Georgian musical instruments existing in the unique funds of the following museums: the National Museum of Georgian Musical Instruments of Tbilisi, The National Museum of Arts of Tbilisi and the National Ethnographical Museum of Kutaisi. The site is also provided by the practical experience of popular craftsmen, art-workers and performers as well.

Lots of people from Georgia and all over the world found this site very interesting and engaging. Among them are not only private persons, but also folklore ensembles and the organizers of folklore festivals. Georgian emigrants have great interest towards Georgian musical instruments; they want to acquire the skill and knowledge how to play them.

At first only my brother, me and my friends worked on the site . We were in permanent search of materials around the Georgian musical instruments. We tried to get any kind of material photo or audio version, materials about the history of creating musical instruments, some specific details about playing them, and any kind of historic data. These all required lots of time and energy. We did our best to represent to you Georgian treasure with its full glory.

A bit later Mr. Maizer Gazdeliani, the soloist of the ensemble of “Kutaisi” and the owner of the Medal of Honor and of many awards, joined us to enlarge the number of materials. Kako Lashqarashvili (Tbilisi) as well took his considerable contribution. I would express special gratitude to Levan Iremadze (Zugdidi), who always helped and encouraged us and gave some instructions about instruments.

Working on the site we launched a new project, to make the site more accurate and enrich it with different materials. In 2002 we got a grant (450$) from the IREX project financed by US government, to create the site. Later we posted site on their server that was absolutely free for us.

In 2006 there was held National Internet Competition organized by "MagtiCom" company that was aimed to develop the best Georgian Web Page. There were named top 10 web pages. Among them was our page - www.hangebi.ge and was awarded Special prize and a certificate.

Since then lots of people, interested in Georgian musical instruments have been able to visit the site, find and download the information interesting for them. Unfortunately we could not spend much time on adding new materials to the site these years.

And today after a long pause, we find it necessary to make the site much more involving and informative, to meet with the needs and requirements of many people interested in Georgian musical instruments. We created new site that compared to the former site includes enriched information and materials “www.hangebi.ge”.


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