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New recording Georgian folk song "Imeruli mgzavruli" (Imeretian song). It comes with two parts: Normal & Slow motion.


New recording “Rachuli” - Georgian folk song and dance melody. It comes with two parts: Normal & Slow motion chords (part 1) and Normal & Slow motion rhythm chords (part 2).


New recording of world famous song - "Bésame Mucho" ("Kiss me a lot"). The song written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez. A famous cover version is sung by Trio Los Panchos. It comes with accompaniment of Panduri (part 1) and slow motion play with chords (part 2).


We have just finished recording world loved song - "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. It comes with accompaniment of Panduri chords.


Recently we have uploaded world famouse song of Eagles - "Hotel California" on our fan page, it comes with some chord system and we are going to go through this direction and will upload new songs every week...


Dear friends, please join our fan page.


On 24 May, 2014 we guested one of the leaders of Alioni, the Georgian choir in Chicago, Sarah Burghardt. Sarah with great interest got acquainted with Georgian folklore and sightings. Sarah with our help mastered playing the Panduri and learned a lot about the history of National Instruments.


Also in section of Lessons there added chords for popular Georgian song “Suliko”. In future there can be added any desired Georgian song chords as well.


Dear friends, According to your numerous requests, we have added chords for Chromatic Panduri (classic one with 12 frets).


The map of Georgian folk instruments has recently updated. View map.

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New programe for kids.
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is launching a new intellectual, cognitive program for the children of primary schools. It contains some interesting programs on : nature, art, maths, “learn Georgian” etc. They have recently launched new program on music, with the help of our site. Visit official site - www.buki.ge


Our website has a new tab - Our Workshop“. The workshop has been working since 2007. Different types of Georgian folk instruments are created here: stringed, percussion, wind-instruments etc.


Some new photos have been added to the gallery. Among them you can see "Mtiuluri Panduri” that we made recently.


We have recently finished working on the special order of Mtiuluri Panduri. Panduri is original with its design. Mtiuluri Panduri is preserved in The Museum of Folk Instruments in Tbilisi. It greatly differs from the Panduris of other regions of Georgia due to the influence of the music instrument Balalaika widespreaded in mountain region. The instrument has extraordinary shape and special groove, which perfectly fits players’ thigh, what makes it more comfortable to play on.


Our website has a new friend, Murad Tavartqiladze, the laureate of National Folk Festival. He is the master of Chiboni and Performer.


Guest from England.
Peter Slonina a Polish man, visited Georgia in 2013, he is a great fan of Georgian folk music. With our help Peter mastered playing Panduri and learned a lot about the history of National Instruments.


Guest from Spain.
Vinchens Mart from Spain visited Georgian in 2013. He is interested in ethnic music. He is non-professional musician, he is now greatly interested in Georgian folk instruments and folk songs. Vinchens introduced to the traditions of folk instruments, learnt some techniques of manufacturing it and playing some of them. He traveled almost in whole Georgia and after he returned in his country, wrote a lot about impressions in his Blog.


Greeting to all visitors! Today after a long pause, the site is updated by lots of interesting materials. The site became much more involving and informative. In addition, significantly improved site design and most important thing, site acquired educational meaning. We will try as much as possible in the shortest period of time to enrich site with useful and necessary materials. Thank you for visiting our site! Good Luck.


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Spreading of Georgian national musical instruments

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