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Wind musical instrument - Zurna
Zurna is a wind musical instrument. It is an accompaniment musical instrument in the ensemble. It is played in ensembles consisting of the 1st and 2nd Zurnas and a doli. Mostly, it accompanies dances, wrestling matches and festivities. Zurna was an encouraging, inspiring musical instrument, that arouse heroic feelings. It has maintained the same usage it had before.

Main parts are the trunk (1) and the mouthpiece (2). The trunk pipe is cone-shaped with a wide ending. The trunk is mainly cut from the wood of the apricot-tree and occasionally from walnut. It has 7-8 keys on the upper side and one key on the back side. The length of the trunk is 280-300mm. The cane mouthpiece (reed, “Kamish”) is inserted into the trunk. The sound range of the Zurna is from “Si” of the small octave to “Do” of the third octave.

Tuning of the zurna: a1 – h1 – cis2 – d2 – e2 – fis2 – gis2 – a2.























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